Can I buy a player card without a Crypto Wallet?

Yes you can, we have made it easy for you to enter without a crypto account. Follow this link to use a credit card to purchase a player card, (Prices vary based on ETH Daily Rates) that card will be held in trust by the NFT Golf Tour until you open a crypto account and then it can be transferred to your secure wallet.

What are the benefits of buying a player card with a Crypto Wallet?

Eventually, this entire tour will be based in the golf Metaverse, why? because it levels the playing field for people in every corner of the world to play. Think of your Player Card ownership as a membership, we will be working hard in the background to bring on partners that will reward you for your ownership of a tour card. You will get to play in sponsor events where you can only win. Gaming will only be one part of the portal, eventually, we will be adding a lot of new things, so get your card and stay tuned in.

Can I buy more than 1 player card?

Yes, you can buy as many as you want and enter them into tournaments. They each have to have their own unique account though.

Why can I only play in free games?

Let’s take a look, if you have stated correctly that you are under the legal age to bet based on your location then free games are your only choice. Playing in free games will help you build power ranking points which increases the value of your player card. So, when you come of age or you want to sell it and find a buyer that will pay more because it has a high power ranking status, that is a good reason to play in free games.

How do I get paid my winnings?

If you are buying your tournament entries as burnable NFTs on then you will get paid to your wallet via a transfer. If you are playing in fiat currencies then you will see an account balance in your account that you can request a withdrawal at anytime as long as the balance is over $50 USD (Fees may apply). You can use the balance in your account to enter tournaments.

Where do I see my power ranking points balance?

Your power ranking points balance will be shown in your account. If you are in the top 20 you will see where you rank against the top 20 players. Remember, your power ranking defines the tier and quality of player you get assigned each week.

Where do I see what tier I am in?

That all depends on the level of the players you are competing against. You will know the tier you are in shortly before the tournament begins.

What are Skills Tournaments?

These are tournaments where you get to choose the golfers who you think will win the tournament out of several tiers, the winner will be the one whose golfers have the highest combined finishes. For instance, if there are 5 tiers, you will pick a golfer from each tier.

How do I play in Sponsor Tournaments?

That is another benefit of owning an NFT Player Card, only holders of these cards get to play in the sponsor events. We will be soliciting sponsors to put up prize money for these events. 

There are issues with the site, what's up?

Because we are beta-testing the site there is a lot going on in the background, we always want to hear from our players about what could be done better, please be patient as this is a Metaverse work in progress.