About NFT Golf Tour

Let the fun begin, it’s easy to play, combine fantasy sports, fantasy gaming, sports squares, and sports investing and you have the NFT Golf Tour. You don’t need to know how to play golf and you could end up with a really valuable NFT that you can trade or sell. These games will be fun each week you choose to play or set your status to random play.

Welcome to the NFT Golf Tour where players compete in tournaments using their NFT Tour Player cards. Each week you can enter the tournament of your choice, Free, Sponsor, Skills, or Buy-in. You get matched by our algorithm with professional tour players depending on your Power Ranking. Each week the top 18 players in each tournament get paid out. Plus, if you win your tier you get paid also with points and a free entry into the next paid tournament at >ETH level.

The more prize money and points you win increases the power ranking of that card and will put that player in a higher tier so you get the chance to get matched with higher world ranked players. You may start in a lower tier, but each week you play increases your NFT Tour Player Card’s value and moves you up in tiers. You can play in Free games, Sponsored, or Paid games, but you must have an NFT Tour Player Card

NFT Golf Tour How To Play

1. This tour is conducted in the Metaverse, so to play you are going to need a Metamask wallet so you can transact in Ethereum and Polygon which are cryptocurrencies. (Why are we using a Blockchain? Because we want you to have the ability to grow the value of your NFT Golf Tour Player Card and a Blockchain ledger helps validate your card.)

2. Once you have your wallet, now you need to get an NFT Golf Tour Player Card (Prices vary) https://nftgolftour.com/buy-a-player-card/

3. Once you have purchased your NFT Golf Tour Player Card Register for an account on https://nftgolftour.com/account/ You will be asked for your 6 digit NFT Golf Tour Player Card info at the bottom of your card plus your NFT Secret Key, you get access to this when you purchase your NFT Golf Tour Player Card and reveal the unlock able content. Don’t share this info with anyone.

4. Once registered, login to the site and choose the tournament you want to play in https://nftgolftour.com/tournaments/ Each week there are many tournament options for you to choose. Your NFT Golf Tour Player Card can only play once a week in a full field tournament. You can also play in skills games while you are in a tournament but only 1 per week. Registration for events Opens late Sunday Night and closes Wednesday evening, so pick your tournament on time.

5. How to get into a tournament? Sunday evening we will issue NFT tokens for tournaments, go and get your tournament token, we will see that your account made the transaction and automatically enter you into that event. https://nftgolftour.com/tournaments/ Once in a tournament you will get an email letting you know which tournament you are in, what tier you are in based on your power rankings and then which PGA Tour Player you have been matched with. Each evening you will be able to see where you stand on the leaderboard for your tournament and each Monday, where you stand in the power rankings.

6. Account payouts happen every Monday and your winnings are transferred to your Metamask wallet. (If you want to cash out of Crypto and turn it into FIAT currencies like the US dollar you can do that via your Metamask or similar account)

7. We reward activity in games of all levels, so the more you play the more power ranking points you get and that means you get a better chance to win by being assigned a higher ranked PGA tour player. In Skills games you can choose who you want to be assigned in that game.