NFT Golf Tour Releases Roadmap ahead of Arnold Palmer Invitational


Scottsdale, Ariz, March 2nd, 2022, NFT Golf Tour, a Metaverse incubator has released the companies’ roadmap through 2024. Included in the roadmap is the establishment of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that will bring in voices from around the globe as voting members. Player Card owners hold a membership in the tour that will act like stock issuances providing those in earlier rounds with more value. The initial minting of the MG1 series 1 tokens had their NFT drop at the end of 2021 on Charitable endeavors will allocate funds to support those helping to grow access to the game for the less fortunate. Plus the tour will look to bridge the physical golf world with events and ultimately golf course purchases and tournaments.

As the tour grows we want to keep adding value for our members. We have added a Discord channel to engage users. Growth in both the Metaverse with virtual offerings, the ability to purchase golf courses, goods, stores and land in the Metaverse. Physical golf world offerings with benefits and access to golf courses, communities, discounts and more are being negotiated. We have found from those surveyed in our database that we have a growing community that loves the game and wants to engage both virtually and physically. Our goal is to own physical golf courses and host real-world member tournaments.

The gamification side of the tour will see an expansion of available gaming from the fantasy pool games and Power Ranking tournament to skills games, where you pick the players. Pick 3 and Pick 6 options to map against the major tournaments will be a focus.

We are seeing an interesting trend in inquiries around NFTs. Buyers want to engage and be part of the NFT trend but without the confusion and complexities of cryptocurrencies, gas fees, incompatible blockchains, and (difficult to set up) digital wallets with seed phrases. These issues are currently a barrier to the growth of the NFT market. The NFT Golf Tour is one venture providing a solution by offering customers the ability to use fiat currencies (Credit and Debit Cards) to purchase their NFTs. Their NFT purchases are held in trust in an escrow holding account, therefore, maintaining the blockchain ledger tied to that item in lieu of opening an individual digital wallet.

“The public loves the concept and mystique around the NFT but that fades when they get into the technical complexities,” noted Chris Jackson from the NFT Golf Tour which combines the exciting NFT space, gaming, fantasy sports pools, and the golf world. It provides players the opportunity to be more engaged with golf on a weekly basis and make friendly wagers on events. “We have many players that purchase their Tour Player Card with a credit card in the Shop and the tour holds the card in trust and transfers it to a holding account. If the owner ever opens a crypto wallet the NFT can then be transferred to the established account.

These creative solutions provide access for NFT buyers without digital wallets and will help grow the NFT space allowing creative people to build their brands.