NFT Golf Tour Launches – The Future of a Fantasy Golf is Here!

Scottsdale, Ariz, Jan 6, 2022, The NFT Golf Tour, the future of fantasy golf, today announced the field is set for the first tournament of 2022. The first event has players paired up with the Sentry Tournament of Champions field in Hawaii, a reduced field of 38 players. The buy-in event has a fun ticket price and sold out quickly.

The industry call it the gamification of gaming. It combines the exciting NFT space, gaming, fantasy sports, and the golf world. It provides players the opportunity to be more engaged with golf on a weekly basis and wager on events. 

Each week players can see themselves on the leaderboard by entering the tournament of their choice, free, full field, sponsored, skills, or buy-in. In full field events they get matched by an algorithm with professional tour players depending on their Power Ranking. Each week the top 18 players in each tournament get paid out. By engaging, users will also become more familiar with NFTs, digital wallets, and crypto-currency, and as their Tour Player Card increases its power ranking, they will have an NFT asset that grows in value. Skills games let you pick a player from each tier and the winner is the person with the lowest combined score to par. Sponsors will have the opportunity to craft an event to their liking and player can win cash but don’t have to buy in as these sponsor events are invitation only.

The Tour Junkies, a leading golf podcast with more than 3 million downloads, also launched NFTs. The podcasters have developed their NFTs in partnership with the Props Network, a gambling media company. The audience for The Tour Junkies podcast is aimed at those interested in golf betting.

The membership and access to the tour are via NFTs using the Polygon/Ethereum networks or with fiat currency via the site to transact NFT Golf Tour Player Cards, which are needed to compete in any event with entry tokens to events. Utilizing NFTs provides a secure and verifiable paper trail of sorts to validate players. “We decided that the way to differentiate cards will be to look at the unique ways golfers mark their balls, some just simple black dots, red lines, while others use more colorful and intricate markings.” NFT Golf Tour Player Cards start earning power ranking points the moment they are minted. They are now available on If you choose to use fiat currency with a credit card to make the purchase, the tour holds the NFT Player Card in Trust until you open up a Wallet and we transfer it to you.

Prior to the Ryder Cup, Tiger Woods announced the release of his digital collectibles which he also co-designed. The collection will be exclusively available to view on and for sale on DraftKings Marketplace. With the success of the USA Ryder Cup team, I am sure we will be seeing Ryder Cup 2021 NFTs very soon. There is also a trend amongst celebrities to showcase their NFT collections, this is a trend that will only grow and the NFT Golf Tour are betting that holding an exclusive tour card will be part of those collections.

The NFT space is ready for an explosion. Although still in the early adopter stage, indicators like marketplace acceleration outpacing internet adoption, Metamask blowing past 20 million active wallets, The NFT marketplace has registered a colossal $14 billion in trading volume throughout 2021 making the timing for the NFT Golf Tour perfect.